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Gmail is the free web mailing platform which has been launched by one of the giant google company.This service has launched by the google company in the year 2004 in the month of April. This service is being used by the millions of people from all over the world. The google launched this gmail as the software, for the windows operating system users. And later it was made supportive for the other android phones also and later made accessible for the ios operating system also, just to avail the facility of sending and receiving the mails to there colleagues and to there close ones.

Gmail technical support 


As this service has been used by the common users form all over the world, so it is an obvious thing that there may be some problem or issues with the gmail account. And hence to resolve them gmail has provided the support facility to them. And to know some common issues faced by the users are as follows :

  • Problem faced by the gmail users while accessing the gmail application in either there mobile phones or through there computer system.

  • Gmail password has been lost by mistake and creating the problem while retrieving the same.

  • Creating problem to the common people in blocking them.

  • My relevant messages are send to the spam folder and creating the problem while transferring to the other mail box.

  • Gmail provides the security to the mails or not, an issue with this.

  • Gmail password change and reset issues.

Some common issues faced by the gmail users with there sever problem:

If your gmail is not working in the your system or may creating any problem while accessing it through the online medium. So, some issues which could create some small or big problem to there users are as follows:

1. First of all you need to check the browser in which you are accessing the gmail account. Which means that whether that gmail application has been supported by that particular browser.

2. Then if the above mention was not the reason then kindly check your browser extension or your application extension. Is there not nay problem with the extension file of the particular application or the web browser.

3. User may also follow this solution to cop up the error which you are facing at that moment. User may delete there cache and cookies from there browser site.

4. Then if not yet resolved then check your gmail labs.

Hence if nothing works out then contact to the Gmail tech support to provide you the proper solution.